You can’t protect your team from everything. But you can help them bounce back

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You want to support your staff. They are key to your business and without them, you would struggle to run your successful company.

You understand that their wellbeing is essential for maintaining long-term productivity at work. But you know that at any one time, your staff will be fluctuating between thriving, functioning, struggling and being ill. You may have invested in an Employee Assistance Programme, you are monitoring absence levels…but you know that you could do more to help your staff to stay well.


Understanding what each of your staff needs is a difficult, but important job. Without a personal approach, you cannot derive the best from people. 

And they cannot get the best from their experience of working for you. 

Which is why you want to do something about it.

But getting down to that level of understanding for each person is time consuming and expensive right?

What do you need?

Wellbeing Planning

For those needing support to develop, plan or audit a wellbeing policy within their organisation. 


Training to support you and your team with dealing with life's challenges.

Online * Face to face * On Demand


Everyone needs a little step up every now and again. Our coaching can help you get the best from your staff when life challenges them, and when they feel the need to step up in life or at work. 

Hello, I’m Wendy

I believe that any individual has the potential to thrive at work. But I know from my own experiences that not everything in our lives can be controlled. Stuff happens. Life happens.

When it happens, some of us will bounce, and others may not.

I’m a human scientist and engineer, and I have turned my skills to researching and teaching resilience techniques in the workplace.

My mission is to de-stigmatise the wellbeing and mental health challenges that affect a large proportion of the workforce from time-to-time, including stress, burnout, depression and anxiety, so that we can understand and work with them.

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