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Why Mental Wealth?

I was a successful senior manager, mother of two primary aged children, who loved her job. I said yes to opportunity and delivered to the highest standard.

Then I burned out.

My life ground to a halt, as my body put up its hand in surrender. Please. Stop.

My marathon-fit body struggled to walk down the street. I developed a serious chest infection. My brain, that I relied on for my intellect, and decision-making skills, struggled to compile a shopping list.

As a recovered, over a 6-month period, I was supported by an incredible bunch of professionals who helped me to re-balance my life and put in place a strategy that would stop me burning out again. I also learned that being female, I needed different things to support me in the working environment than the men I was working with.

No wonder I burned out.

I want to share my learnings with others, to help people to re-balance so that they can bring their best selves along, not only at work, but for their families and friends at home.

So The Mental Wealth Company was born. 

Our vision is that businesses have the tools to help all their people thrive at work. 

Our mission is to facilitate that change.

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